Real Life Plant Parents: Jen


This month we talked to Jen, a Real Life Plant Parent we’ve known for a while now, and we were so excited to see her submit her plant story to be featured. July also happens to be her birthday month, so happy birthday Jen! 

A recent hobby


We asked Jen how long she’d been collecting plants and it turns out she’s only been a collector for a couple of years. Some of our plant parents are recent enthusiasts and others have been collecting for years, but everyone’s journey to plant parenthood is something to celebrate, in our plant-loving opinions! 

I’m fairly new at being a plant owner. I got my first plant Fall of 2017, it was the “happy bean” plant from the Wild Interiors collection. It was love at first sight with the quirky little plant in the chic grey pot.

Growing confidence


Once Jen handled her first succulent like a pro (a badge of honor, tbh), she started looking into other plants to add to her home! 

Since I was doing ok with my first plant, I decided to try a local plant shop and picked up a Parlor Palm since it was dog friendly and easy to care for. I love the way it looks and reminds me of being somewhere tropical. After the palm came more plants from the Wild Interiors collection and even a couple of orchids from the Just Add Ice collection.

A plant by any other name 


Some plant parents have a unique story about how plants came into their lives, but Jen commemorates her trial and error journey by giving her plants names to remember how far she’s come from the days when her thumb was a little less green. 

I don’t have any special stories about my plants yet. I have killed quite a few I am embarrassed to say, however, I didn’t let that deter me. I want plants in my life and I have learned from my rookie mistakes. Although, I decided to give the survivors names, so they are more like my little babies than just home décor.

Curly Shirley – Curly Spider

Blossom – Green Echeveria

Spike – Aloe

Phoebe – Parlor Palm

PePe – Peperomia Happy Bean

Zaria – ZZ plant 

Hailey – Haworthia Succulent

Secret favorites 

We gotta know: does Jen play favorites with her plant babies? 

It is hard to choose favorites, but I love the uniqueness of the Peperomia Happy Bean, and it was the one that made me want to give my black thumb another try at being green. I also love my curly spider and parlor palm.

Follow Jen! 

Jen is a crochet artist who creates baskets and other amazing items from recycled fiber tee shirt yarn. You can follow her (and see many Wild Interiors plants!) on Instagram @jsodetcrochet. 

You can submit your own plant story to be considered for the Real Life Plant Parent series here

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