Our Story

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Wild Interiors® is all about bringing the outdoors in and transforming your home into a lush natural haven  Designed by Nature®. We believe in:

The Power of Plants:  You don't have to choose between beauty and practicality. Plants offer the best of both, providing health benefits and organic beauty.

Natural Art: We strive to create a product that strikes a balance between nature and art to bring living decor into your home. 

Inspiring the Wild: We hope to inspire and encourage customers to envision a home made more beautiful (and wild) with plants. 

Ease for Everyone: We want to be known for producing easy care plants, so every person can feel empowered to own and care for plants. 

Conscious Quality: We grow exceptional plants  through conscious growing practices.


Grown in Ohio, sold nationwide


Wild Interiors® plants are grown and distributed by Green Circle Growers, a family-owned and operated company in Oberlin, Ohio, established in 1968. With over 100 acres of growing space, it was recently ranked as a Top 10 Greenhouse by Greenhouse Grower Magazine. In addition to foliage and succulents, Green Circle Growers produces a variety of indoor plants, such as Phalaenopsis Orchids, Anthurium, Bromeliads, Money Trees, Bonsai Trees, and other seasonal favorites.