Care Instructions

Variety Specific Care Blog: Echeveria Miranda



Sunlight: Place your succulent in bright, indirect sunlight. If you need to move them into an area of more or less light, do so gradually if possible.

Watch out for:

  • Sunburn - Brown or black spots on your succulent’s leaves mean it’s getting too much direct sun. Move it to a less sunny spot.

  • Stretching - Spaced out leaves on a stretching succulent stem mean the plant is seeking more light. Move it to a sunnier location.

Watering: Water your succulent by removing the plastic grower pot from your outer clay pot. Pour in about one inch of water, then place the grower pot back inside. The soil will soak up water from the bottom to help avoid over-watering. Allow succulents to dry completely between waterings.

Watch out for:

  • Over-watering - An over-watered succulent is susceptible to rotting roots. Make sure you let the soil dry between waterings and avoid pots that don’t drain or release moisture.

  • Under-watering - An under-watered succulent has curled, crispy leaves with crusty soil.

Temperature: Keep your succulent around room temperature, avoiding extreme heat and cold. An ideal temperature range is between 65℉-85℉.

Grooming: Regularly remove any dead leaves from your plant to promote full and uniform growth. You can propagate new succulents by removing leaves and planting them.

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