Care Instructions

Variety Specific Care Blogs: Pothos , Zebrina 



Sunlight: Place foliage in a sunny room for indirect, natural light. If you need to move them into an area of more or less light, do so gradually if possible.

Watering: Water your foliage frequently enough to maintain damp soil. If the soil is dry to the touch, or if you pick up the plant and notice it feels lighter than usual, then it’s time to re-water.

Watch out for:

  • Over-watering - An over-watered plant will wilt and its roots will start to rot, with soupy soil. You want the soil to be damp, not soaking.

  • Under-watering - An under-watered plant displays curled, crispy leaves with crusty soil.

Temperature: Keep your foliage at room temperature, avoiding extreme heat and cold. An ideal temperature range is between 65℉-85℉.

Grooming: Regularly remove any dead leaves from your plant, which will help them grow full and uniform in their container. Keep an eye out for new “baby plants” in your pot, which can be repotted in their own container.

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