How to Care for Pothos Plants


Pothos (aka Devil’s Ivy) is one of the most popular houseplants, due to its easy-going nature and attractive foliage. There are several Pothos varieties available, all of which boast different patterns and variations. We offer two varieties of Pothos: the Golden Pothos, which has large green leaves, and the Pothos N’Joy (or Njoy), with smaller leaves that are white and green. Both Pothos varieties from Wild Interiors are easy to care for and will grow beautiful vines!

Pothos are great plants for beginners and established green thumbs alike, and this blog will help provide specific Pothos plant care tips for your collection. Note: Pothos is not pet safe, and you shouldn’t eat it either.

How much light does Pothos need?

Here’s one of the best things about Pothos - it can live in just about any light level. It will grow faster and have more variegation in brighter light, but your Pothos will get along okay in low light too. If you notice your Pothos’ leaves turning more green, this indicates that it’s seeking out more light to photosynthesize energy from the green areas on its leaves. We recommend bright, indirect light - no direct sunshine.

How much water does Pothos need?

Pothos prefers to stay moderately moist, so we recommend watering about once a week when the top inch of soil is dry. If you notice your Pothos’ leaves drooping slightly, it needs watered. It will perk right back up once it’s had a drink.

Pothos plants also enjoy humidity, but it should come as no surprise that they’ll also tolerate less humid environments too! If you want your Pothos to have a more naturally humid environment without needing to run a humidifier, you can keep it in the bathroom where it will enjoy the steam from your shower. You can also keep multiple houseplants together to boost the ambient humidity around the plants.

Does Pothos need fertilizer?

Nah, but you can if you want. (Are you getting used to this by now? Pothos is so easy!) You can fertilize your Pothos to promote faster growth in the spring and summer months, using a standard plant food from a garden center once every couple of months at most.

What is the best temperature for Pothos?

Keep Pothos warm at room temperature, no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the wintertime, and between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. You can also keep Pothos outdoors in the spring or summer as long as it’s not in direct sunlight.

Pruning, repotting, and propagating Pothos

Low light may cause more sparse vines, so if you want to promote fuller growth, bring your Pothos into a sunnier area and/or prune it by pinching back vines that are growing too sparse. This will help promote bushy growth and keep the plant from getting leggy. You should also pinch off leaves that are damaged or dead as you notice them.

Pothos can withstand being a little rootbound but should be repotted when the plant droops even when it’s been well watered or is no longer growing like it used to. Loosen up those roots and size up an inch or two in pot diameter with fresh potting soil.

To propagate Pothos from a cutting, place the cutting in water and watch the roots grow before repotting in soil! You can actually leave the cutting in water and grow a Pothos plant exclusively in water. Or, pot Pothos cuttings directly in very moist soil.

Keep calm and Pothos on

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