12 Self Care Tips from Plants

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You may have noticed that we post a weekly self care tip from plants on our social media feeds. We know plant parents are 100% committed to taking good care of their plant babies, but these self care tips are a way of reminding you that you need to dial in the right amount of care for yourself to really thrive, just like your plants. In this post we’re rounding up some of our favorite simple self care tips from plants!

Make Sure to Rest 

  • Growth comes in seasons.

  • You can’t do it all at the same time.

  • It doesn’t matter how fast you grow, as long as you keep going.

  • Rest, so that you can bloom.

The idea of resting is really so important, but our busy lifestyles have us thinking we need to hustle and go all of the time with no space for rest in between! But just like your plants, you can’t do it all at the same time. Plants usually aren’t growing new roots, leaves, and blooms at the same time, so give yourself the same grace. You don’t have to be killing it in every aspect of your life to be making progress! 

Know When to Move On 

  • Don’t water dead plants. 

  • Prune what you no longer need. 

  • You can start over from nothing.

  • You can’t stay in the same place forever and still grow.

Have you ever had a plant that you kept trying to revive but it was too late to save? It’s one thing when you’re trying to coax a plant back from the edge and another entirely when you’re pouring yourself into a one-sided friendship or another toxic situation. Learning when your soil is spent so you can move on with your life and continue your growth somewhere new is the key! Over time, you’ll need to plant yourself in new situations so that you can keep growing — even when it seems impossible.

Love Yourself 

  • Schedule your care if you need to. 

  • Your natural variations are beautiful.

  • Speak kindly. 

  • Grow toward the light.

When you look at plants, some are bright and bold, some have flowers, some have variegated colors within their leaves -- and they are all beautiful. Treat yourself the same way and appreciate your beauty! We’ve also heard from many plant parents that they schedule regular waterings or fertilizer feedings for their plants and even talk to them. When you’re giving your plants a pep talk, don’t forget to also schedule your own self care routines and speak kindly to yourself as well. And just like your plants will grow toward what they need, you can also grow toward your own source of joy and light.

Don’t Compare 

  • Encourage growth.

  • Surround yourself with what nourishes you.

  • Not everyone needs the same things. 

  • Take up space.

It’s tempting to compare yourself to those around you and feel like you’re not doing enough. But you don’t know everyone’s story - from your best friend to your favorite Instagram celeb. Plants help boost the humidity for other plants around them, just like good friends help boost confidence and growth in a supportive friend group!

Try not to compare your progress, growth, or even what you need to what others are doing, and don’t try to make yourself fit into someone else’s idea of success. Cultivate a life that is full of things that give back to you, instead of making you feel like you’re not enough.

Your Favorite Tips

Do you have other self care tips to share? Let us know in the comments or leave a comment on our self care posts on Instagram @wild_interiors. 

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