Real Life Plant Parents: Stephanie Y.


When we launched the Real Life Plant Parent series, we were blown away by the amount of submissions we got! To make sure we can tell as many stories as possible, we are going to post TWO Real Life Plant Parent stories this month. This bonus blog has our interview with Stephanie, who has incorporated plants into her interior decor in gorgeous ways we can’t wait to show you. It’s truly a wild interior!

Plants as a Way of Life


Some people like plants. Some people love plants. Some people really love plants. We think Stephanie is that third type, describing plants as a way of life! She shares her own feelings about her plants as well as advice for someone who wants to embrace their own plant way of life.

Plants are very much a way of life in my home.  It’s the perfect addiction for happiness and I can’t stop collecting. I have read a lot about how to care for plants (both generally and specific plants) and while that’s all helpful information, it’s really important to know your own habitat conditions and try and modify them to assimilate that particular plant’s natural environment. I have dramatic plants that require high humidity because they are naturally found on the rainforest floors so I place mine in lower light with humidifiers. Come to know and understand each plant in your home, as each plant’s needs will dictate when you water. I don’t have a watering schedule, I just love to feel the soil and that tells me if my plant is thirsty!


DIY Plant Installations


Stephanie isn’t a self-proclaimed Pinterest enthusiast when it comes to DIY projects for plants, but she does have some beautiful and creative display solutions in her home that are so simple we can’t believe we didn’t think of them.

While I don’t have a lot of DIYs per se, I do have some plant installations that I just love. I hung old walking sticks from my ceiling so I can have more room to hang plants and I featured them with some woven wall hangings I made  I love staging plants and often move them around my home to create different looks when I get bored.


Outdoor Gardening Turned Indoor Passion


Stephanie is a long time gardener when it comes to outdoor spring and summer gardening. Amazingly, she’s only been keeping indoor plants for two years!

Plants are truly my happy place. While I have been outdoor gardening for years, I recently started my indoor garden/jungalow about two years ago. I started with some orchids that I was given as a gift, which soon turned into to picking up succulents and then I just couldn’t stop collecting anything green, luscious, and exotic. My visions from Pinterest soon became my reality and I have built my own little jungle oasis. Of course, every new plant is an experiment in care. You lose some and you grow some into big beauties.

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