9 Ways to Support Women and Girls for International Women's Day


Friday, March 8, 2019 is International Women’s Day, and this year’s theme is Balance for Better, making strides toward a gender-balanced world. This worldwide celebration of women’s achievements is a great opportunity to support the women in your life and show them your appreciation.

Our society expects women to do it all. Work like they don’t have kids. Raise their kids like they don’t have jobs. Don’t be too bossy. Don’t dress too comfortably. Make sure lunches are packed and stories are read and kids are on the bus and now you’re late for that meeting. Women are stressed out!

This International Women’s Day, think about how you can help the women in your circle (whether you are or aren’t one yourself) slow down and find the balance in their own life, so they can be more empowered to fight for balance in the world. We’ve got some ideas on gifts and tips to help women stay grounded, find opportunities for growth, and plant seeds of change.

Stay Grounded

Mindfulness Cards. Divided into four sections (rest and balance, curiosity and joy, insight and awareness, and kindness), these cards are a quick way to center and focus on something mindful and positive when the going gets tough.

Potted Plants. You saw this coming, right? Of course! Indoor plants help boost your mental health, productivity, and focus, and they just make you feel happier. Caring for an indoor plant will help your number one woman stay in touch with nature and embrace self care through nurturing her newfound friend. We recommend Snake Plant, Peperomia, and Spider Plant for easy care and encouraging growth! (Find a retailer in your area here).

Worry Stone. A polished stone can be kept in your pocket and held as a reminder to stay grounded. Its weight in your hand is calming, and you can use it as a tool for meditation or just taking a deep breath and counting to ten.

Grow Strong

Classes. Whether the ladies in your life want to brush up on their creative skills, learn a new form of yoga, or try their hand at a new hobby, skills classes are a great way to invest in their growth as they continue to rock at life.

Books. Inspirational books are a great gift for any woman who loves to read, so find her a book that will help her grow into a more balanced version of herself.

Journal. A daily journal practice can help guide us toward our goals. Some journals have designated goal setting or planning pages, or if your friend is more of a free thinking abstract type, get a totally blank one and encourage her to express her innermost dreams and find her way to them.

Plant Seeds

Rebel Girl’s Journal to Start Revolutions. International Women’s Day celebrates women -- but women start as girls! Help the young girls in your life feel empowered to live their best lives with this guided journal. Rebel Girls also has bedtime stories to read to your little rebel every night.

Donate to Meaningful Organizations. Girls Inc. and other programs that help empower girls and young women are a great way to pay it forward on International Women’s Day (and all year long).

Teen Vogue. Gone are the days of boy band features; Teen Vogue is dishing up the latest news and activism perfect for empowering the next generation of girl bosses. Sign your friend’s teen up for a subscription!

You Go, Girl

Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s all do our part to celebrate and uplift women across the globe who do important work every day of the year.

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