Real Life Plant Parents: Victoria


This month’s Plant Parent is Victoria, a full time Pharmacy student at the Ohio State University! As a busy student, she started caring for plants that were low maintenance and easy to care for, and she’s been collecting plants for about four years.

As a student, I have mastered the concept of caring for plants that thrive on neglect. I have recently expanded my repertoire to include more care-conscious plants and succulents to get used to caring for something other than myself.

A Growing Collection


Everyone’s plant collection looks different, which is why we love talking to different Plant Parents each month! We asked Victoria how many plants she has today:

I currently have nine plants, and two little propagations I'm nurturing. It sounds like a pretty small number, but between being a professional student and applying for residencies, it seems like a lot at times.

Early Garden Memories


We love hearing about what first started someone on their path to a green thumb lifestyle, so we asked Victoria what got her started as a Plant Parent.

I feel like the earliest plant-memory I have is shortly after my parents moved us out of New York City. My mom started a giant garden in our new front yard, with all sorts of wildflowers. I distinctly remember trying to guess the colors of the foxgloves and hollyhocks each year before they bloomed. She taught me a lot about being a plant parent, and even helped me propagate my first ivy from one of the ones she had around the house.

The New Love Fern


Victoria had an adorable story about a pair of succulents she picked up in Arizona at a conference.

My little Haworthia is actually about two years old now. I got her in Phoenix, Arizona when I was at a pharmacy conference (along with her twin, which I gave to my boyfriend). We made the joke that as long as our Haworthias are alive, our love will be alive; so far both are doing well!

Low-Maintenance Faves


We can’t disagree that low-maintenance plants are easy favorites! When we asked Victoria about her plant faves, she had a thoughtful answer.

If I had to choose a favorite, I would pick my ZZ plants. Since I'm a pharmacy student at The Ohio State University, I really don't have a lot of time to pay individual attention to each one of my plants. This is why I mainly have foliage instead of flowering plants, I feel that foliage tends to thrive on neglect (which I can do), while the flowering plants need some more attention.

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