5 Life Lessons from Plants

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Starting off as a new plant owner is simple enough. Maybe you got a houseplant as a gift or you picked one up as an impulse buy at the store. You learned how to care for it, how much water and light it needs, and you went about your life as usual… or so you thought. Pretty soon, you’re talking to it, shopping for its new best friends, and encouraging that new little leaf unfurling.

It’s finally happened. You’ve gone full plant parent.

Once you’ve embraced the inevitability of speaking softly to plants and lovingly tending to their needs, you might actually find yourself tending to your own a little more sensitively. This blog post has five life lessons we can all learn from plants.

  1. Pruning: As your plants grow, you’ll need to remove withering vines and damaged leaves. In life, as with plants, it’s important to prune the dead bits. Let go of the things in your life that don’t add joy or value, so that you can focus energy on new growth instead.

  2. Feeding and Watering: Plants need water to survive, and fertilizing them can help with growth and energy. You’re the same -- go drink some water and have a healthy snack!

  3. Light: Most plants need a fair bit of sunshine to get energy from photosynthesis. While people don’t photosynthesize, sunshine is good for us too! On a more figurative level, notice how plants grow toward the light, toward what they need. If you notice something in your life that gives you joy and passion, grow toward that light. You might find what makes you thrive.

  4. Soil: Healthy and appropriate soil is a must for all your indoor plants. Some plants need more drainage, some need different minerals, and some plants do best with bark instead of soil at all. The life lesson is this: Surround yourself with what nourishes you. If you’re trying to grow in depleted soil, you won’t get very far. Put your roots down in a place that’s healthy for you.

  5. Kindness: We’ll admit this one’s a little bit silly, but lots of people talk, sing, or play music to their plants to encourage growth and positive energy. Try talking to yourself kindly too, you might notice new growth when you least expect it.

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PS. If you need some actual plant care tips for your houseplants, check out our care page.

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