College is Wild! 5 Best Plants for Your Dorm Room

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Bust out the pumpkin spice, because fall is coming and school is back in session. The semester is in full swing post Labor Day and it’s time to settle in, figure out your schedule, and focus on making your residence hall dorm room a true haven for focus or fun, depending on your mood.

We’ve got five suggestions for dorm-friendly plants that’ll make your dorm room more wild. And super on-trend. Plus, we’re also giving away FREE PLANTS and other prizes that will make your dorm room the place to be. Keep reading!

  1. Pothos: Pothos is one of the most popular houseplants, and it’s great for dorm rooms because it’s so easy to take care of and will grow long vines to keep your jungle aesthetic Instagram-worthy at all times. Pothos plants like a bit of humidity, so consider a humidifier in the winter when the heating system makes things a little dry (or bring it with you to the bathroom for some shower steam).

  2. Spider Plant: Our Curly Spider plant is a great low-maintenance choice that’s also pet friendly, so if you live off campus with a furry friend it’s perfect! Spider plants are easy to keep happy and healthy, and they’ll sprout little babies you can propogate to truly embrace your new identity as a plant person.

  3. Snake Plant: Sansevieria, or Snake plant, is an ideal indoor plant for someone with a hectic schedule or a demanding major, because it can go a few weeks without attention and still thrive. It’s also notoriously hard to kill, so start here if you’re worried about a freshman green thumb.

  4. Peperomia: The Peperomia, or Baby Rubber Plant, is a bright and happy addition to your dorm room with multiple shades of green in its striped and speckled leaves. These plants also do well on the side of under-watering, so they’re another good candidate for busy students!

  5. Jade: We can’t leave out succulents, and Jade is a favorite that’s said to bring good luck - perfect for going back to school and needing every bit of help you can get on your next exam. Jade plants are best for sunny rooms that get some direct light, as Jade does well with some full sunlight to help them grow properly.

How to Care for Dorm Plants

For foliage plants like Pothos, Spider Plant, Sansevieria, and Peperomia, we recommend watering regularly to keep the soil damp. However, you should err on the side of under-watering the Peperomia since its thick leaves store water and it’s prone to being overwatered. All of these plants are fairly hardy and can survive irregular watering, but check their soil regularly and water when dry.

For succulents like Jade, we recommend watering when the soil is completely dry, and water from the bottom of the pot. Pop out the plastic grower pot inside, pour a bit of water (up to 1” deep) into the clay pot, and place the grower pot into the water so the soil and roots can absorb it from the bottom. This method helps develop a strong root system and it’s how we water succulents in the greenhouse!

Check out our care instructions on the website for more info.

Win a Free Plant

We’re so excited for the back to school season that we’re giving away prize packs to help decorate your dorm in true Wild Interiors® fashion so your space always feels like it was Designed by Nature®. The giveaway runs from Monday, September 3 to Saturday, September 15 and will have six winners. We’ll be randomly picking the six winners based on entries on our Instagram posts during the giveaway period.

Winners will receive an amazing dorm room prize pack including:

  • A 5” Wild Interiors® Pothos plant

  • A crocheted plant basket made by JSodetCrochet with recycled materials

  • An essential oil reed diffuser kit including a calming oil blend (perfect for finals week)

  • A USB mini himalayan salt lamp

  • A wall tapestry to liven up those cinderblock walls

Head over to our Instagram page @wild_interiors and stay tuned for the giveaway posts!


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