5 Tips to Live Like a Boss

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Tuesday, October 16th is Boss’s Day, but you can find tips on how to honor your awesome manager all over the internet. Today, we’re talking about how you can live your life like a boss. Which is to say, like somebody who knows what they want and how to get it. Upgrade yourself from “just getting by” to true boss with our tips.

  1. Dress like a boss. You know the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have?” This is difficult if your job has a work uniform or strict dress code, but in general, dress yourself how you want to dress, at work and at home. Your level of bossness is totally up to you. If you’re comfortable in business casuals, wear them. If you’d rather rock a casual look, do that. But own it, and don’t let anybody tell you you’re too much or not enough of something. You’re the boss of you!

  2. Listen like a boss. It’s exciting to get into a great conversation with a group of friends or colleagues, but make sure you’re listening at least as much as you talk. Take a cue from your favorite houseplants, who we know you talk to when you need a good listener. When you listen, you can give back more meaningfully to the conversation instead of just waiting for your turn to say something. Plus, listening might help you pick up on a friend who’s feeling down or a coworker who’s overwhelmed but trying to hide it. A true boss pays attention instead of demanding it.

  3. Mess up like a boss. Life secret: everybody makes mistakes. When you do, own up to it. Tell your manager you forgot that item on your to-do list instead of acting like “Oh, didn’t I send that email? It must have got caught in the spam filter.” Tell your friend that plans slipped your mind instead of being all, “Shoot, I thought that was next week, omg.” Admit to your succulent that you over-watered it and apologize to its droopy leaves. Just own it and be honest and accept the consequences. And make a plan to do better next time. (RIP, succulent).

  4. Self care like a boss. Ascend to true bosshood when you start taking some dang care of yourself. Self care isn’t all bubble baths and pedicures, either. Self care is basic. It’s eating enough food, washing your hair, and getting sleep so you’re not dragging all day and making the whole thing worse. It’s prioritizing and delegating so that you don’t overwhelm your schedule and your mental health. Get the nutrients, sunshine, and water you need to take on each new day. When you take care of yourself, you can do so much more for the people around you.

  5. Be humble like a boss. When you knock a project out of the park, of course you should celebrate it! But make sure that every day isn’t the All About You show. Spend time honoring the achievements of those around you and building them up too. Just like your most showy plant shares the stage with the rest of your collection, a true boss shares the glory.

Of course, since Boss’s Day is coming next week, we definitely want to put in a word for our gift of choice: plants! Whether it’s for your actual boss or just someone in your life who embodies living like a boss, a potted plant makes a wonderful long-lasting gift that grows just like your relationship. Find us in a store near you to give a truly wild Boss’s Day gift.

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