5 Wild Ways to Decorate for Halloween with Plants

5 Wild Ways to Decorate for Halloween with Plants.jpg

Everybody scream, it’s almost Halloween! And because we can’t take ourselves too seriously during one of the most fun holidays of the year, we’ve got some tips for you to decorate for the occasion... using your indoor plants, of course.

  1. Spiders. They’re creepy, they’re crawly, and they have too many legs, making spiders a go-to decor theme for this creepiest of holidays. Use fake spiderweb and those classic spider rings from your childhood to decorate among plants that can take a little bit of handling. A spiky Haworthia or Aloe, or a Peperomia rubber plant perhaps! The Rabbit’s Foot Fern is halfway there, with its fuzzy roots above the soil that might look a little like a tarantula. If succulents are more your style, the Kalanchoe Chocolate Soldier also looks a bit spidery!

  2. Mummies. Break out the ace bandages (or, if you’re on a budget, some toilet paper) and wrap pots with tall plants like Sansevieria or Umbrella Tree. Add a couple stick-on googly eyes and you’ve got a mummy or two in your wheelhouse.

  3. Pumpkins. If you’re going for cute instead of scary, pop a plant with vines into a carved pumpkin. Candidates for the pumpkin treatment are Zebrina, Pothos, Ivy, or the Arrowhead Vine. Bonus: have a jack-o-lantern party and add the plants when everyone is done! Be sure to pick pumpkins that are small enough so your plant’s pot doesn’t get lost inside.

  4. Zombies. Go hit up a thrift store for old dolls, and place their limbs delicately into the soil of your plants so it looks like zombies or vampires are escaping their graves. Try it with the Arrowhead Vine or Blue Star Fern.

  5. Your own costume. Design a costume for yourself that uses your plant as a prop. Go as Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors, Poison Ivy from Batman, a “Plant Lady,” or anything else that comes to mind and lets your creativity and your love of plants show.

We do not recommend decorating or handling plants that are more delicate. Stick to simple decorations so you’re not fiddling around in anyone’s leaves too long! Show us your Halloween decor when you tag @wild_interiors on Instagram.

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