D.I.Y. Succulent Terrarium

Materials Needed: Glass Terrarium, Sand, River Rock, Spanish Moss, Soil, Gravel (Optional), Mini Succulents, Accessory (Optional)

Note: Measurements of each material may vary depending on the size of the terrarium.

Step 1 - Sand: Begin by coating the bottom of the terrarium with a half inch of sand as a base layer. Sand helps with drainage and maintenance.

Step 2 - River Rock: The second layer should be river rocks, or large stones. Gently place a single layer of river rock across the sand. The space in between the river rock allows the succulents to breath and drain properly without a hole in the bottom.

Step 3 - Sphagnum Moss: Sphagnum moss can hold 10x its weight, making it the perfect addition to any terrarium. Place a one inch layer of compacted moss on top of the river rock. The moss will grab runaway water and hold onto it so that the soil can absorb this excess water when it is needed. Sphagnum moss will also keep the soil from falling through the cracks of the other layers.

Step 4 - Soil: The soil layer should be the thickest layer; this is where your plants will get all their nutrients. Be sure to leave the soil loose when scooping it into the terrarium, the layer should be two inches thick.

Step 5 - Succulents: Plan the layout of the terrarium before planting each succulent and make sure to start at the back of the terrarium and move to the front. First, create small divots in the soil that will fit each succulent in its desired spot. Then, begin by removing the succulent from its pot by gently grasping the plant and turning it on its side. If it’s stuck, tap the bottom and sides of the pot until the succulent and its soil slides out. Be sure to wear gloves if dealing with spiny plants. Place the succulent in its designated divot and pack the soil from the terrarium around the succulent until it’s firmly in place. Repeat this step for each succulent planted in the terrarium. Succulents require a small amount of water, making them perfect for terrariums.

Terrarium DIY_12.jpg

Step 6 - Gravel (Optional): Adding gravel as a topdressing can help give your terrarium a more finished look.

Step 7 - Accessories (Optional): Fun accessories, such as the gnome we’ve added, can give your terrarium a touch of personality.

Lastly, find an area in your home that has indirect sunlight to place your succulent terrarium.

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