7 Sweetest Day Ideas That Aren’t Roses

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Sweetest Day is a celebration in the Midwestern region of the US to celebrate love, affection, and sweetness! It’s sort of like Valentine’s Day but in fall instead of the bitter slushy winter of February. No offense, February. 

It’s typical to go for the classic roses and chocolates for Sweetest Day, but we love to think outside the box and get a little wild! We’ve got seven sweet ideas to consider when planning your Sweetest Day gift or date. 

Read a Book Together 

Start a little book club with your sweetie and read the same book this week, then go out for breakfast or brunch on Sweetest Day to discuss your favorite parts! If you end up loving the book club idea, swap on who gets to choose the book each month and make this a regular part of your time together. 

Take a Trip 

Make a killer playlist and hit the road with your love for a weekend getaway to a nearby city! Use the time away from your normal routine to connect and relax. 

Get Creative 

If you and your honey are creative types, spend the afternoon brainstorming new stories to write, or make art together! You can attend a painting night, sign up for an art class, or do something creative at home in your pajamas. You don’t need to get fancy to have a great time. 

Have a Movie Marathon 

Boot up the Netflix account and pick a few movies to watch! You can alternate who gets to pick the movies or go all-in on a theme. The movies don’t have to be romantic either - you can catch up on the latest hits from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or watch as many Harry Potter movies as possible. 

Write a Love Letter or Poem

If words are your thing, craft a letter or poem about why you love your person! It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or in iambic pentameter. Just pen a few lines about what they mean to you. If their love language is Words of Affirmation this will mean more than anything you could give them as a gift. 

Make a Sweet Treat

Sure you could buy some chocolates… or you and your sweet can make a treat or meal together! If you’re competitive, try challenging each other to make a dish and then have a taste test to see who wins (Hint: Everybody wins)! 

Pick Out a Houseplant 

Go to your local home improvement store or any grocery store with a floral department and pick each other out a houseplant to take home! Houseplants provide health benefits like improved air quality, better mood and focus, and even a boost to the immune system. Find a store in your area that sells Wild Interiors with our Find Us page! 

We’re Sweet On You

We can’t wait to hear how you celebrate Sweetest Day! And in the meantime, tag us on Instagram @wild_interiors when you share your Wild Interiors plants, DM or email us if you need anything, and stay Wild. 

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