Real Life Plant Parents: Michelle S.

Today we’re talking to Michelle S., who wrote to us about her plants when she saw the first Real Life Plant Parent blog featuring Meredith. Michelle’s submission caught our eye because she says that caring for her plants has been one of the most therapeutic things she’s ever done. We are all about plant care as self care, so her story resonated with us right away and we couldn’t wait to find out more.

A Big Plant Family


We’re suckers for creative ways to keep houseplants in a small home, so we asked Michelle how she keeps her crowd of 40+ plants happy.

I currently am a plant parent to over 40 houseplants, and this does not include the many plants I'm always attempting to propagate. I have a small home, with only a few decent windows for natural light, so I'm always looking for creative ways to keep the family going strong.

To keep my plants happy I try to spend some time checking in on them each day. I spritz my humidity loving plants with water and rotate the ones that grow lopsided towards the light. I also dedicate more time on the weekends to plant maintenance, watering and repotting when needed.

Since I'm in a small home and have limited window space for my many plants, I have to get creative to ensure they get enough light. I have two grow light bulbs in thrift store lamps that I use to supplement light for the plants that need it the most. I also take advantage of vertical space near the windows. I have a few sets of tall shelves placed in front of my largest windows that are full of plants. This gives my living space an urban jungle feel that I love.

We love the idea of tall shelves of plants near the windows for that overflowing jungle vibe!

A Tale of A Secondhand Monstera  


Michelle has a great story about how she ended up with a Monstera that helped her keep a feeling of connection and closeness with her friend who moved away.

I have an old Monstera Deliciosa that is very special to me. Three years ago, I was looking to move out of my apartment into a place with my boyfriend. We moved into a house that my best friend and her family left when they relocated across the country. My friend left a few pieces of furniture behind as well as this big, beautiful Monstera. Being in that home made me feel close to my friend, and having this plant that she previously cared for felt serendipitous.  

Since then my boyfriend and I purchased our first home together and the Monstera moved with us, as well as my growing plant collection.

Hard to Pick a Favorite


We always ask our plant parents if they have a favorite plant, and we usually get a whole list. It’s so hard to pick just one, and Michelle is no different.

My favourite plants are my two larger than life elephant ear plants, and of course the much loved Monstera Deliciosa plants I have. I also really enjoy watching my different pothos plants grow, including the newest to my family, The Marble Queen.

I recently picked up a Tradescantia Zebrina from Wild Interiors and am in love with the silvery sparkle of the leaves, not to mention the awesome Terra Cotta pot in came in. (Should I disclose that I'm also really into fun pots?)

We love fun pots too, Michelle, you’re in good company! And we’re so happy Michelle found a beautiful Zebrina from our collection with its beautiful combination of deep green, purple, and silver shimmer. The Zebrina is one of our favorites and is the plant we used to create our logo’s hand-stamped leaf silhouette.

Advice for Budding Plant Enthusiasts


Michelle offers great advice to those who want that lush jungle vibe on a backyard budget.

My advice to anyone interested in plants is to find creative and thrifty ways to grow your collection and display your plants. I find a lot of joy in successfully propagating plants to get more for no cost, and growing plants from seed like an avocado or lemon tree. Both of these are now thriving in my home and cost me nothing more than a piece of fruit at the grocery store.  

I also do a lot of my shopping at local thrift stores, and that goes for my plant supplies and shelves. I've come across a few great deals on pots and vintage plant stands that help to store my plants and look great in my home.

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