How to Add Plants to Your Decor in 5 Rooms of your Home


Here at Wild Interiors®, we love plants. And we love people who love plants, like you! But we also tend to see plant parenthood as a deliberate lifestyle choice. In our opinion, plants are like potato chips. You can’t have just one.

Each member of the Wild Interiors® team has succumbed to the temptation of plants, all of us creating our own oasis of nature inside our homes (though some have definitely jumped in a little more than others). Our office is full of beautiful plants of all shapes and sizes, and we are super, duper into the plant life, y’all.

So it makes sense that we’d add some plant accessories to our lineup to make your home even more lush and beautiful!

Introducing the Macrame Hanger

Our latest design accessory is a braided hemp rope Macrame Hanger. Simply open the package, unravel its length, and add your favorite 5” Wild Interiors® plant. You may need to reach through the rope and guide the pot into place if it wants to twist back up.

The Macrame Hanger is great for utilizing vertical space to decorate with plants in a small apartment, or for keeping plants away from pets. Be sure to check out our pet friendly plant list when choosing plants for your home. When in doubt, put it in the Macrame Hanger to keep it away from curious kitties and pups who might want a taste. The Macrame Hanger is also great for plants that grow vines, so they have plenty of space to trail upwards along the braided rope or downward to hang freely!

Interior Design with Plants

It can be hard to make a rental or college housing feel like it’s really yours, since you usually can’t paint or put nails in the walls (and sometimes you can’t even have pets). Plants make it easy to make a space feel like home. They add a feeling of life and warmth, they give you something to look after, and they are available in any size, shape, and color you want! Mix big plants and little plants, flowering plants and foliage plants, tall plants and viney plants. Buy bright, colorful pots or subtle, neutral pots. Put your plants on a shelf, a desk, a dresser, or hang them from the ceiling. Plants can go anywhere!

Here are some of our favorite places for plants. No matter where you decide to place them, make sure they get bright, indirect light and is kept away from drafts!


Plants in the bedroom can help you sleep better. They remove toxins from the air, increase humidity, and produce oxygen for easier breathing. Great bedroom options include Sansevieria and succulents.

Desk or Office

Whether you take these plants to work or use them in a workspace at home, these plants help boost productivity and mood for a healthier, happier workday. The ZZ Plant, Spider Plant, and Peperomia Rubber Plant are all low maintenance plants you can leave in the office over the weekend without worries.


Some plants love the extra humidity from your morning shower. Try putting our Signature Staghorn Fern or Sago Palm on top of your medicine cabinet for a touch of green that will thrive in the steam!


Kitchens are great spots for a hanging basket or Macrame Hanger to keep your counters and shelves clear. If you like the idea of growing edible plants in your home, try some small containers of live herbs like basil, rosemary, and chives. For your Macrame Hanger, pop in a Succulent or one of our vining plants like Pothos, Zebrina, or Arrowhead Vine.

Living Room

Common living areas are great for all kinds of plants. Make a statement with the Umbrella Tree’s leafy canopy or the Blue Star Fern’s unique foliage. Any of our Signature Collection foliage would look divine in a living room no matter your decor, but we especially recommend the bold and unique leaves of the Alocasia. Place a plant on a side table, shelf, mantleplace, or windowsill, and enjoy the beautiful low-maintenance upgrade to your decor.

Shop Wild Interiors Online

Did you know that we’re finally available online? It’s true! We launched our Amazon store this fall and the Macrame Hanger will soon be available there as well (stay tuned on our social media for the launch!). Shop now to get started on your new decor projects Designed by Nature®.

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