Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions so you can refer back as needed. If your question isn't answered here, reach out to us at and we'll be happy to help. 

General Plant FAQ

Can you help identify my plant? 

Indeed we can -- take a look at the Plant Finder page and scroll until you find your plant. 

Where can I buy your plants?

Take a look at our Find Us page to find stores in your area that carry our plants. 

Do you have a return policy?

Once our products are in a retail location, it's up to that retailer to care for the plants. If you experience a problem with your Wild Interiors™ plant, please contact the store where you purchased it for further assistance. 

Are your plants pet friendly?

Keeping your furry critters safe is important. Check out our pet friendly resource page for more details!

Should I get rid of my plastic inner pot?

Nope. This is what we call a "grower pot" and it's there for your convenience. The grower pot makes it easy to water succulents and to remove your plant from its pot for repotting. 

When should I repot my plant?

If your plant seems to be getting a little too wild for its pot, it may be time for a bigger home! If the roots are squishing together and have run out of room, repot your plant into a larger container with new soil. Water thoroughly after repotting. 

Succulent FAQ

My succulent went from short and bushy to tall and stretched out. What's up?

Your succulent needs more light - move it to an area with more sunlight and it should be happier. You can also trim off the stretched part of the stalk, leaving the rooted succulent at its original height. Wait for the stem to dry and heal before watering again.

What do you mean by "one inch of water?"

Fair point, this one can be confusing. Pop your plastic grower pot out, and pour an inch of water into the bottom of your clay pot. Replace the grower pot, and the soil will soak the water up from the bottom! This helps avoid over-watering your succulent. 

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