Signature collection

Sometimes you want something a little more out of the ordinary. A little more wild.

Our Signature Collection features more distinctive plants for you to fully embrace your wild space. Mix and match to create a lush landscape in the comfort of your own home. 



Also known as Elephant Ear or African Mask, the Alocasia makes a dramatic statement among houseplants.

Staghorn Fern.jpg

Staghorn Fern  🐾

Unique in shape and appearance, the Staghorn Fern is easy to care for and makes an engaging addition to your home decor. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig.jpg

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Everyone's favorite "it" plant, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is charming and rewarding to care for.

ZZ Plant.jpg

ZZ Plant

Perfect for the beginner who thinks they can't handle a plant. Zamioculcas zamiifolia is kind of a mouthful, so call this little friend ZZ for short. 

Sago Palm.jpg

Sago Palm

Hardy and easy to care for, the Sago Palm is a plant favorite among beginners and experts alike.