5 Wild Ideas for Your Cookout

There's more to national holidays than an extra day off work (even though an extra day off is often really, really nice). Memorial Day commemorates those who died while serving in the United States armed forces, Independence Day celebrates the day the United States declared their independence as a new country, and Labor Day observes the advancements of the labor movement that changed the way we work. 

However, these spring and summer holidays have also become celebrations of festivity and togetherness, often involving a cookout or outdoor party with friends and family. So, keep it respectful, but find ways to honor the integrity of the holidays themselves. 

We’ve got some ideas on how you can incorporate a little “wild” into your holiday cookouts.

  • Decorate with Plants: If you’re hosting a cookout, decorate your tables and patio with potted plants! The Anthurium from Just Add Ice® is great for patriotic holidays because of its long-lasting blooms and heart shaped leaves that evoke love and respect. We’re also biased toward succulents and foliage as well, naturally.

  • Plant a Garden: Memorial Day is a great time to finally plant a vegetable or flower garden for the summer. You can find raised garden bed kits online or at your local plant nursery to get started. By Labor Day, you can start prepping a fall garden and getting your final harvests from a spring and summer plot.

  • Make a Plant Based Meal: A few plant-based sides and entrees never hurt anyone, so try putting together a fruit tray, veggie burgers, or a salad chock full of fresh veggies (maybe from your own garden).

  • Repot Your Houseplants: Take advantage of the long weekend and nice weather to repot any growing plants outside where you won’t make a mess. 

  • Find a Fun Run: Your local community may be hosting a charity 5K or one-mile fun run for these holidays. Sign up with the family and do a run or walk for a good cause.

Which idea are you most excited to try?

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