21 Ideas to Make Mother’s Day More Wild

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Mother’s Day is next Sunday, May 13! Whether you’re celebrating one of your first Mother’s Days as a parent yourself, spending some quality time with your mom, or honoring a friend or mentor who has always been there for you, we’ve got some ideas to keep Mother’s Day a little wild this year.

Mother’s Day for You

First things first, if you’re a mom, you deserve this day. It’s okay to ask for what you really want from your family for Mother’s Day, even if (no, especially if) you are the type who is constantly doing for others and forgetting about herself. Take some time for yourself this Mother’s Day with these ideas:

  • Do something you’ve “always wanted to do” but never made the time for, like a paint and wine night, yoga class, DIY workshop, or singing lesson
  • Send the family away for the afternoon and take a bath, drink your coffee while it’s hot, or eat your favorite food without sharing
  • Go get a massage, seriously
  • Take your family out for a fun outing that excites you - a trip to the zoo, a walk in your favorite nature reserve, or anything that makes you (and the family) happy
  • Spend a few hours doing something that makes you feel peaceful, like you favorite craft or hobby, shopping at the mall with a friend, or pruning your house plants

Mother’s Day for Mom

Spending time with your own mom (or aunt, grandmother, sister, etc.) this Mother’s Day? We’ve got ideas from the traditional to things a little more wild to celebrate the important women in your life:

  • Make a homemade brunch (or go out, but make reservations in advance so you’re not waiting all day)
  • Gift mom a potted plant that can show your appreciation for years
  • Plan a one-tank trip to visit a local botanical garden, arboretum, or natural attraction
  • Actually help her with the yard work and weeding like you said you’d do four years ago (true story)

Mother’s Day for Friends

One of the best things to do for Mother’s Day is to recognize the friends and mentors in your life who least expect it from you. While everyone else is focused on their immediate family, this is the perfect opportunity to surprise someone with an unconditional moment of love. Try out the following ideas:

  • Send your bestie a card about what an awesome mom she is and how you hope to be like her someday
  • Put a gift on your boss or Work Mom’s desk (we obviously think a potted plant is a great idea that’s long lasting and thoughtful)
  • Reach out to a former teacher to remind them how much they changed your life
  • Offer to babysit your friend’s kids so she can relax for the day
  • Pay for a cleaning service for your friend so that she can a break from worrying about the mess at home
  • Chip in with your coworkers to get your boss a gift card to a local spa
  • Buy everyone in the office a coffee -- maybe even the guys, because why not?

Mother’s Day for Mother Nature

While we’re all celebrating the mamas in our life, don’t forget about our reliable Mother Earth. We don’t always think about honoring this particular mother, so consider the following ways to incorporate nature into your Mother’s Day celebrations:

  • Pick up trash on your street or around your local parks
  • Commit to skipping the straw at restaurants
  • Up-cycle or re-use containers instead of throwing them away after their first use
  • Go shopping at a thrift store to find a cool Mother’s Day gift
  • Give a potted plant, which helps clean the air in your home and makes a great eco-friendly gift

Ready to Get Wild?

We only mentioned potted plants three or four times, so just in case you didn’t get the hint: house plants make amazing gifts, for Mother’s Day and all occasions! If you can’t find a Wild Interiors plant, try some of our other wild ideas to celebrate and honor the women in your life. And seriously, make the brunch reservations in advance.


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