5 Wild Ways to Celebrate Earth Day


Sunday, April 22 is Earth Day, one of our favorite days of the year. It’s a day all about celebrating nature, our environment, and the planet Earth. To share the good environmental cheer, we’ve got a list of Earth day activities you can do on your own, with a friend, or with family!

  1. Compost: You don’t have to have a big backyard or garden to compost, you can do it with a small bin in your own kitchen. Check out these tips for how to set up a compost bin in a small space from The Spruce.

  2. Shop Secondhand: This Earth Day, go find your local thrift stores and see what treasures await you when you shop secondhand. Buying some things used helps decrease your carbon footprint and reduce overall waste and stress on our planet.

  3. Upcycle: As you go through your spring cleaning routine, you may find things you want to throw away. Consider upcycling these materials to have a second life in your home. Egg cartons can become drawer organizers or earring holders, magazines can be cut up to create an inspiration board, and even old towels and tee shirts can be cut down and turned into cleaning rags. What can you repurpose in your home?

  4. Go for a Walk: Get outside! The weather may be unpredictable in the spring time, but take advantage of a sunny day and go for a walk or hike through a local park or nature reserve. Walking in nature is good for your immune system and boosts your mood -- plus it will remind you that there’s more to life than work and stress.

  5. Prune Your Plants: Give some TLC to your potted plants and remove any dead or dying leaves. Make sure they are watered and getting enough sunlight, and maybe even give them a fancy new accessory or add a new plant to your collection. Nothing says you love the planet like getting your hands a little dirty!

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