Six Houseplants for Good Luck

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It’s time to go green and hope for a little luck to come your way. We’re talking about Saint Patrick’s Day, of course! Did you know that many plants are celebrated for bringing luck, prosperity, and health to their owners? At the very least, they’ll help you bring some green into your life while you’re waiting for the money to come rolling in.

First, a Quick History Lesson

Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t based on celebrating luck, despite the commercialized “Luck of the Irish” merchandise you can find as the holiday approaches every year. It’s a feast day celebrating the Patron Saint of Ireland, who converted Irish Pagans to Christianity in the 5th century. (All we want to do is convert a few people into green thumbs!)

Wearing green is historically accurate, since traditional celebrations of this Saint’s day in Ireland include wearing green clothing or shamrocks. But double check that you’re using a shamrock rather than a four-leaf clover. The shamrock only has three leaves and was used by Saint Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity of Christianity during his travels.

It’s not all about green beer either, though traditional celebrations included activities like “wetting the shamrock.” This involves pouring a drink over a shamrock in a glass and then swallowing or tossing the shamrock over one’s shoulder for good luck. See, there’s some luck in celebrating after all.

Now you’re ready to celebrate, and we’re ready to talk about some lucky greenery for your home.

Air Cleaning Plants Convert Toxins into Fresh Air

One huge benefit of keeping plants in your home, besides their cheerful presence, is the fact that they help scrub the air of toxins and harmful chemicals. Your houseplants help clean the air of stuff you’d rather not breathe in, like formaldehyde, benzene, and other fumes.

Palms: Our Parlor Palm with its friendly canopy is a great plant for your home, since it helps remove VOCs and harmful chemicals from the air.

English Ivy: Ivy plants are delightful little air-scrubbers, perfect for rooms with new paint, carpeting, or furniture. Ivy helps remove benzene and formaldehyde from your home.

Curly Spider: One of our favorite plants, the curly spider plant is easy to care for and frequently reproduces new baby spiderettes for replanting. Lucky for you, this means you can start filtering carbon monoxide and other fumes out of every room in your home - and it’s pet friendly too.

Pothos: With a little TLC, a pothos plant will soon grow trailing tendrils wherever you place it, giving you some happy jungle vibes and the added bonus of air purification. Pothos removes formaldehyde from the air, making it a great choice for any room with new furniture or carpet.

Choose Rounded Leaves for Good Fortune

Even though Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t a holiday of luck, plenty of cultures still celebrate good fortune symbolized by plants. In the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, plants with round leaves symbolize abundance and wealth.

Rubber Plant: The Peperomia, or “Rubber Plant” is a pet-friendly, low-maintenance houseplant with rounded leaves to bring good luck. Place it at the entrance of your home to invite prosperity.

Jade: This friendly succulent’s rounded leaves set it apart from everyone’s Instagram fave echeveria. While all types of succulents help clean the air day and night, jade’s rounded leaves make it a Feng Shui superstar, especially when placed in a home office area.

Ready, Set, Go Green

Now that you know how to set up your home for luck and good fortune, it’s time to fill your house with green leafy friends for a happier life!

Please purchase plants responsibly.

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