NEW Plants! The Signature Collection is Here

Remember when we shared the news about our newest addition, the Fiddle Leaf Fig? It’s been in stores since July and we’re so proud of it, all grown up and taking over the internet. As the only 5” Ficus Bambino (the “Little Fiddle”) grown in the United States, this little plant is kind of a big deal. And now it’s got the rest of its friends joining it, with the full Signature Collection hitting shelves this week, so keep an eye out in your local store.

The Signature plants are in a collection all on their own, not part of our classic four habitats. We picked these varieties to give a more exotic, more wild offering compared to our classic plants. And we cannot wait to see how they look in your home!

The Signature Collection Lineup

Joining the Fiddle Leaf Fig in the Wild Interiors™ Signature Collection are:

The Signature Collection.jpg
  • Alocasia

  • Sago Palm

  • Staghorn Fern

  • ZZ Plant

Here’s What’s Different

The first thing you’ll notice about the Signature Collection is new pots and tags. Our classic offerings come in clay and wood pots with our recognizable wooden pick in the shape of Zebrina leaves. But the Signature Collection is a little more sophisticated, so we put it in a beautifully simple ceramic pot, complete with a functioning saucer. We completed the look with a wooden tag that hangs effortlessly over the pot, giving it that elegant flair.

Next you’ll notice that you may not have seen these plants before! We chose plants with truly unique appearances and attributes, so they’ll stand out in a crowd and be the new statement item in your home. Seriously, check these plants out.

While the tag for each Signature Collection item has the same care instructions, each plant has its own special preferences, which we outlined in detailed care blogs for each variety. If you’ve got questions about your new Signature plant, just head on over to our care page and find the link for the blog you need.

Where to Shop

The Signature Collection launched this week and should be in stores soon, if not already. These stores have put in their orders for our new plants, but call ahead first to make sure they have stock before you make a visit.

  • Fresh Thyme

  • Jewel

  • Roundy’s

  • Shaw’s

  • Sunset Foods


  • Trader Joe’s

  • Wegmans

When you find us in stores, be sure to snap a picture and tag us on Instagram @wild_interiors!

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